Santa Barbara : Santa Barbara

Bob Wilcher

Bob Wilcher founded
Killer B Fitness in
2005. He graduated
from UCSB and decided
to further his education.
He received his Doctor
of Chiropractic Degree
from Western States
Chiropractic College
and NSCA Certification
in 2005 and moved back
to Santa Barbara.

Bob has over 15 years
experience as a fitness
professional and specializes
in running technique
and analysis. He coaches
and provides cross-training
for local schools' sports
teams in the gym and on
their campus.

Bob played basketball
at the collegiate level
and has since become an
avid triathlete and coach.
Sports, exercise, and
healthy nutrition have
always been an integral
part of his life.
Bob has a passion for
motivating others, helping
them to achieve their goals,
and is very grateful for
the opportunity to help
so many people live happy
and healthy lives.
Bob lives in Santa Barbara
with his wife and
two young children.