Santa Monica : Santa Monica Blvd / Third Street

Danny Lesslie

I grew up in the Midwest (KC), graduated from the University of Kansas with a Business Degree. My first job out of school was a Financial Advisor. After 3 unfulfilling years here I decided to make a move to the world of human movement. I wanted to help people move better and be stronger. I started out as a trainer at a local health club, with the dream of opening a gym of my own some day. I figured while I was dreaming, may as well make it in California, a place I knew I wanted to live. Fast forward 6 years later, a couple great decisions, and some driving, I made it. I just had my 3rd year here and am loving every minute of it.

Since moving here, I have a established and maintained a private training clientele, started and grown a Santa Monica based outdoor fitness school called Functional Fitness on the Bluffs. FFOTB as we call it is more than a gym, in fact we joke that it is the Fake Gym. Enrolling athletes into a "school of fitness" as opposed to just a good place to sweat. Our program has seen tremendous growth, and has been the place of many life changing stories. Of all things I enjoy watching people thrive, and being a part of their journey to get there. Helping someone make a change in their life is where its at for me. I love the people. It truly is a unique place, and I couldn't be more proud to call it home.

I currently live in Venice, CA.

Danny Lesslie
Coach, Professional Human