Santa Monica : Santa Monica Blvd / Third Street

Katherine Ryan

Katherine began her journey into teaching at the young age of fourteen. Gymnastics was her first love but it came with many injuries. She started coaching in Michigan and it became a solid base for her to build her life around. After a motorcycle accident left her body chronically aching she journeyed down the yoga path. She moved out to Venice, CA and started doing Hot Yoga everyday. This eventually led her into Yoga Barre. Loving the intensity of the core workout and the stretching she was hooked from day one. Katherine developed a strong practice and started teaching under the guidance of Nancy Norby. She saw how her pain and struggle could inspire others to a happier, better life. Her passion for Yoga had never died and her practice only grew stronger as time went on. Her mentor and friend, Lady Yoga saw how talented she was and trained Katherine in Vinyassa Flow through her Sphota Yoga School. Lady not only mentored Katherine but showed her everything that she knows. Katherine developed a strong base of educators that kept her on her toes and always challenged. Fueled by fire, Katherine designs each class to challenge you to the core and makes you work both body and mind in equal measure. Her physique does not hide the compassion, discipline and technique she's developed over her short life. Her passion for the discipline is infused with the humor and preciseness of an educator that can only be called - expert. You will always leave her class feeling strong, powerful, grounded and drenched in sweat. Do not think for one minute that you have her fooled, just when you do, she will take you for the ride of your life.