Santa Rosa : Santa Rosa Showroom

Jessica Chilvers

Jessica owns and manages The Dailey Method, Santa Rosa. She was first introduced to The Dailey Method by a friend in 2003 and was soon hooked. After practicing for more than 10 years she is still in love with The Dailey Method. Why? Because it works. It’s an intelligent and efficient way to change your body. It’s safe. It’s fun! It’s constantly evolving and no two classes are the same. And it’s so much more than a one-hour workout.

After being a student for several years she became a teacher in 2008 and loved it so much that she left her corporate career to open a studio where she could share the Method with more people. She loves helping people transform themselves inside and out. She never tires of seeing people stand taller, smile more, and achieve goals they’ve set for themselves. Jessica is pretty sure she has the best job in the world.