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Ryan Parker

Ryan grew up just outside of Philadelphia and played team sports throughout his youth. Even though he played Lacrosse into college, team sports never resonated with him as much as solo pursuits. By age 15, he had competed in his first mountain bike race and was hooked on cycling. That passion for cycling eventually led him to Boulder, Colorado where he was able to test himself against some of the best cyclists in the country. It was during his time in Colorado that he also began racing triathlons, and went on to compete in every distance including ironman.

Ryan walked into a CrossFit gym five years ago and never looked back. He loves the ability to maintain such a high level of fitness while improving strength – a foreign concept for a die-hard endurance athlete! At the same time, he discovered the Paleo lifestyle and has since become a huge advocate, encouraging dozens of his friends and family members to live better. Although he doesn’t rule out the option of racing endurance events again, he will never return to his long slow distance training, and grain/sugar-based nutrition.

Ryan holds a BA in Psychology from Penn State University. He has worked in the fitness industry and held numerous personal training certifications for the past 13 years. After managing some of the larger chain-gyms and feeling disconnected from what he loved about fitness, he started his own training business. Whether coaching professional and aspiring triathletes and cyclists, or working with someone who is trying to lose a lot of weight and exercising for the first time, Ryan has always valued the opportunity to work as an advocate for people’s health. These days, he is very passionate about CrossFit and sees it as revolutionary, not just because it’s the best conditioning program out there, but because of the community it creates (as evidenced by the rapid, organic growth of the organization). He loves introducing new people to this training methodology, and believes that CrossFit has the power to drastically improve a person’s life.