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Shannan Donovan

Love at first sweat, in 1996 Shannan Donovan wandered into a hot yoga class that set in motion a journey still unfolding. Transforming both her body and mind, Shannan committed to her calling in 2001 when she moved to Asheville, North Carolina and signed on for an intensive, yearlong teacher training with the highly respected vinyasa flow instructor Stephanie Keach. Renown for her non-dogmatic and comprehensive curriculum exploring the roots and traditions of yoga, including its many distinct expressions, Keach inspired Shannan to synthesize her studies and evolve her own style.

Eager to learn more, Shannan headed to Los Angeles to train with Bikram Choudry and earn accreditation as a Bikram Yoga instructor. From Bikram, she continued adding to her Yoga Alliance hours, and her style, by studying with Shiva Rae, Shawn Corn and Bryan Kest.

A word that means to develop gradually, the concept of evolving exists as the central tenet behind Shannan’s approach to her studio, her students, her self. Promoting the mantra —practice not perfect— Shannan’s manner balances playfulness with discipline, openness with boundaries, guiding with allowing, stretching with integration. Considering herself first-and-foremost a student, Shannan strives to daily discover and incorporate new insight and wisdom into both her personal practice and her role as a model and guide. Borrowing perspective from other teachers, her students, as well as philosophy and scholarship, Shannan continually experiments with the dynamic dialog between physical patterns of holding and release, inner truth, and the content and boundaries of our life experiences.