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Kelli Jaco

"As a yogi, my primary focus is to bring a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle to as many people as I can. As
an athlete, yoga brought to the surface a realization that we must conserve our bodies and honor our minds.
After receiving my MA in Education, I began to explore how my yoga could help others. Along with my partner
and husband, Adam, Soul was born."

Kelli was born and raised in Sarasota Florida. She grew up a
competitive swimmer and competed through her collegiate years. Kelli, along with her husband Adam, run
Jaco Boxing and Soul Yoga Sanctuary. Together they blend the high-energy excitement of
boxing training with a graceful, fluid power yoga flow.
When opening Soul Yoga Sanctuary,
Kelli had a vision of creating a safe and welcoming space that provided challenges both
physically and emotionally. She has created a flow that inspires people to move and breathe and
embrace their physical being.
Kelli is also the mother of a boy and a girl. She loves spending
time with her family, going for long runs, and hanging out on the water.