Sarasota : Sarasota Showroom

Matt Wilmoth

"The whole thing started while sitting in Weimar Hall at the University of Florida. It was the first day of Sociology my freshman year. In explaining the difference between psychology and sociology the professor altered my life forever. “Psychology is a downstream approach...they try to pull drowning people out of the river. In sociology we want to know why they fell into the river in the first place.” It makes sense and it fits into health too. There are people who will help you if you get sick but I wanted to stop people from hitting the water in the first place. Now the only question for me was how.

I stumbled upon CrossFit while researching on the internet and was skeptical - but it sounded interesting enough to try. Once I made it into CrossFit Evolution in Orlando it became much more than just interesting. It was exactly what I was looking for. With CrossFit I could help people move, eat, and live better lives than they had before. I could build a strong community with all different people, something that's missing from many of our lives.
Fast forward four years and 100 miles to CrossFit Sarasota where we have a thriving community made up of people from elite athletes to the average working man (or woman) to grandparents. People of all backgrounds and fitness levels share one thing in common and the is the idea that: Good enough is not good enough.

I spend my days, when I'm not coaching, training and competing in everything from Olympic Weightlifting to Ultramarathons. I am also a proud member of Team Unscared.