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Courtney Bathgate

Once a Registered Nurse and now a Crossfit trainer, Courtney Bathgate feels that Crossfit has been life changing. Fitness has always been a passion of hers. From swimming, to curling, to dance she has found joy in being active. While studying for Nursing exercise fell by the wayside. After becoming a Nurse it didn’t take her long to realize that health and fitness should go hand in hand, so why as a health care provider, was she not taking better care of herself? This is conveniently when Crossfit came into her life. She started doing workouts out of a small gym with minimal equipment that was conducive to Crossfit style workouts. Then four months later as luck would have it a Crossfit gym opened up in Saskatoon.

Within a short period of working out at Crossfit the owner asked Courtney if she would ever be interested in coaching. Courtney had never thought of becoming a trainer because she already had a job, not one that she loved, but an honorable one non the less. That day her mind starting thinking of the idea of new possibilities and she is grateful for it.

Now, four years after starting Crossfit, Courtney works full time at Synergy Strength and Conditioning, Home of Crossfit Saskatoon, as a personal trainer and a group class trainer. Every day there is something that happens at the gym that makes her love her job. The excitement that individuals show when they accomplish their goals is unmatched. One of the members said to her that she has the best job in the world and she couldn’t agree more.