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Tara Hilkewich


Tara's passion for running is felt as her feet glide over the trails of the South Saskatchewan riverbank 365 days a year. Learning to run and compete in high school heightened her interest for running in new communities around the globe. One of many milestones for Tara was to run the Boston Marathon which she did with great success.
Tara's love for marathon racing led her to the off road world of extreme endurance trail Ultra's and 24Hr races.Competing in multiple solo races in the Canadian Rockies,California and Ireland to name a few. Tara was temporarily sidelined in 2012 while Ultramarathon racing prior to the "solo" 106 mile Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in Europe which she qualified for. She plans to tackle this challenge once again in the near future.
Tara is the owner/operator of Ufitprotraining a personal training company providing sport specific training not only for athletes but all individuals to be successful in reaching their goals from a single push up to an Ultramarathon.
When not in her running shoes, you will find her in a favourite yoga posture, road cycling, dancing with a smile,chasing surf in the sun or hiking with her children in the mountains.Having a strong desire to give back to others, she enjoys volunteering at various charity events and races promoting "Health and Wellness" in the community.
Inspiring and motivating others whether racing,teaching or training Tara promotes belief in oneself to reach goals and dreams no matter how big or small creating a heatlhy and happy lifestyle for all.