Savannah GA Showroom

Brian Nedab

CF SteadFast

Directly from Brian, "All of my life I have been athletic. I have participated in a few beach lifeguard competitions a number of 5k’s, triathlons and even the MS 150. In high school I ran track, played lacrosse and swam. I even had the opportunity to swim on the D1 level but decided to coach age group children while obtaining my undergrad degree. After receiving my Masters in Education and finding that there weren’t many teaching opportunities available I decided to go Active in the US Coast Guard. This is when I fell in love with CrossFit! With my coaching and athletic background CrossFit gave me the opportunity to put my passion to teach others to use. CrossFit has done so much for me that I wanted to share my experience with others. It made fitness fun again and I belong to... Read the profile >>

Kendall Beene-Crowder

Savannah Yoga Barre

An avid runner and rock climber in the 1990's, I kept hearing the call of yoga in quiet ways for many years before it finally got my attention in the form of a strong and effortless rock climber I watched at my hometown crag in Flagstaff, AZ. When I asked the rock star her secret, the reply was simply a twinkly-eyed "Ashtanga Yoga." I took her advice, enrolled in a bi-weekly Ashtanga class and was immediately intrigued by this challenging practice that completely transformed my efficiency as a climber and a runner. Climbing and running slowly took a backseat to what would become my primary way to sweat: vinyasa flow yoga. Almost 15 years later, I am still a flow yoga junkie, with a healthy dose of meditation and pranayama in my practice. I am filled with gratitude for the many... Read the profile >>

Sabrina Nedab

CrossFit Steadfast

Sabrina has been CrossFitting since 2010 and coaching since 2011. She has been athletic her whole life. Sabrina played basketball and mixed in tennis, track, and cross-country on her off season. She always wanted to be a coach, but never wanted to teach in a classroom environment. When she was twenty-seven years old CrossFit found her. Well,Brian, Sabrina's now husband, actually introduced her to CrossFit. But Sabrina knew on day one that she was hooked for life. Sabrina absolutely LOVEs, loves, loves her “job” as a CrossFit coach. She enjoys helping people change their lives. Sabrina is currently Level 1 Certified and looks forward to continuing her education as a coach. Read the profile >>

Shelley Lowther

Dancing Dogs Yoga

Shelley Lowther is a 500 Hour Certified Baptiste Teacher in Savannah, GA and the founder of Dancing Dogs Yoga. She is a wife and mother to three four-legged kids. She believes in the ethical and equal treatment of people and animals everywhere. Shelley is a kale-smoothie-drinking, goal-smashing junkie-- she recently smashed her goal of climbing to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. With service as her barometer, Shelley is an Africa Yoga Project ambassador and an Olive Tree Yoga Foundation board member, and she is committed to building community and empowering people wherever she goes. Shelley lives in Savannah, GA with her husband and 3 dogs. She is currently training with Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute as part of the Leader Teacher Faculty In... Read the profile >>

Stephanie Mobley

Savannah Power Yoga

Enthusiastic love. This is the perspective from which Stephanie chooses to approach her yoga practice, her teaching, her life in general. The oldest of five children, Stephanie’s mother said that she has always looked at the world through “rose colored glasses”. Practicing yoga offered Stephanie the chance to practice gratitude even in difficult situations. In fact, it was being “broken” that brought Stephanie to yoga initially. Having been active in athletics her whole life and being the mother of two very young children, Stephanie was understandably concerned about her future health when she had to have back surgery in January of 2008. Looking for a way complement her physical therapy, Stephanie attended a six week course on yoga for beginners. She hasn’t been the... Read the profile >>