Savannah : Savannah GA Showroom

Kendall Beene-Crowder


An avid runner and rock climber in the 1990's, I kept hearing the call of yoga in quiet ways for many years before it finally got my attention in the form of a strong and effortless rock climber I watched at my hometown crag in Flagstaff, AZ. When I asked the rock star her secret, the reply was simply a twinkly-eyed "Ashtanga Yoga." I took her advice, enrolled in a bi-weekly Ashtanga class and was immediately intrigued by this challenging practice that completely transformed my efficiency as a climber and a runner. Climbing and running slowly took a backseat to what would become my primary way to sweat: vinyasa flow yoga. Almost 15 years later, I am still a flow yoga junkie, with a healthy dose of meditation and pranayama in my practice. I am filled with gratitude for the many amazing teachers I have been fortunate to study with over the years, especially David Swenson, Brian Kest, Asha Wolf, Stephanie Keach and Baron Baptiste.

What began for me as a practice to bring ease and power to other sports has become the primary means to access the creative flow of life in each moment, on and off the mat. Asana practice continues to amaze me in its power to assist in releasing my conditioned response to stress, revealing the ever-expanding nature of my being. This powerful tool governs how I care for myself and my family, how I love others and how I live my dreams. Teaching yoga was a natural extension of practice for me and is my passion as I share the practice full time with the blossoming yoga community in Savannah. It is a total honor and inspiration to witness this process in others at every level, every single day. I am awestruck and super excited by what is possible when entire communities of people dedicate themselves to waking up and truly living an abundant life! Off the mat, I still love to run, and spend as much time as I can with my husband, two amazing daughters, and two wild four-legged mutts outside exploring the beautiful Georgia coastline.