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Amen Iseghohi

Amen Iseghohi was born in Belgium to his parents Amen Iseghohi Sr. and Josephine, both of whom are of African decent. His parents knew that gaining a deeper understanding of his heritage by experiencing his culture and traditions firsthand would be life-changing. When Amen was eight years old, his parents moved him to West Africa to live with his grandmother. It was at this primal place that Amen’s grandmother taught him of a life where the physical and spiritual co-exist. He remembers the lessons his grandmother taught him as if it were yesterday. She used to say, “A tire is a great symbol of life and to stay alive, we have to keep moving. Movement is required for progress in life, so let’s move. Keep progressing and moving forward.” It was this inspiration that motivated the... Read the profile >>

Desiree Lapre

Desiree first came to yoga in 2000 for its healing aspects. As a runner and personal trainer during college, she was looking for something to compliment her daily activities. Over the next few years she realized yoga not only complimented her activities, it transformed her life. Desiree started to practice daily and her desire to learn more about this ancient art brought her to teaching. Under the guidance of Ian Lopatin, Vanessa Lee, John Salisbury, Jenn Chiarelli, and Alex Austin, she completed her teacher training at At One Yoga. “My inspiration is drawn from a pure love of breath, balance, and creating an everlasting feeling of bliss. A true happiness that comes from within will radiate to those all around. The practice of yoga opens our hearts to endless possibilities that... Read the profile >>

Holly Miller

Holly has a love for all things fitness. Her experience in various sports has made her a well rounded athlete. She has competed in figure and bikini competitions at the national level, completed 2 Ironman triathlons, has run over 50 marathons including the last 5 Boston Marathons, and runs ultra marathons up to 100 miles. She is also a personal trainer, coach, and yoga instructor but holds spin very dear to her heart. Teaching since 2006, Holly loves the workout spin provides while creating a connection with the class and enjoying the energy from the music! Read the profile >>

Jason Sani

active mind & body

Jason Sani is a trained and licensed Culinary Nutritionist that has worked in the Athletics and Sports Medicine industry for 8+ years. While still active in competitive sports Jason turned his focus to Nutrition and training geared towards the active population. With an open minded but focused approach he has committed to being a student of life, worldly wisdom, and motivation. Jason practices what he preaches and leads an energetic lifestyle by example. This site was developed to provide a resource of inspiration and help spread energy in and out of the mind and body. Consider it nutrition for your mind & body… it all starts with the ingredients which you put in your mind. Read the profile >>

Jen Brooks

Jen Brooks came to yoga in 2001 in order to find strength and flexibility. She immediately noticed benefits beyond the physical, and began her search for deeper meaning. Her yogic influences include Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of Jivamukti Yoga. An ethical vegan, Jen's personal practice is focused on Ahimsa (non-harming) and Bhakti (devotion). Trained at the 500 hour level (Yoga Pura-Phoenix, AZ), Jennifer has been teaching since 2007. Her challenging classes include philosophy, music, and a sense of humor that will leave you feeling relaxed and inspired. Jen currently teaches at Yoga Village in Scottsdale. Read the profile >>

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith, Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, Au Naturel Wellness A Midwest girl at heart, Lindsey came to the valley of the sun in 2000 to further explore herself and the world, and in that journey, found her calling as a Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach supporting and guiding others to connect and experience themselves and life from a place of wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. After falling in love with the practice of yoga, Lindsey received her yoga teacher training certification through At One Yoga in 2009. Currently she teaches vinyasa flow, restorative, and guided meditation classes at Yogalution Studio and Fit Republic in Scottsdale, Rosewood a therapeutic clinic in Tempe, and to private clients and corporate groups. Within her teaching, Lindsey shares... Read the profile >>

Tawny Calvet

11 years ago Tawny began her yoga journey and fell in love with the way it transformed her entire state of being, discovering how yoga was a pathway to quiet the mind, soften the heart, and to share her truest self. She completed her training through At One Yoga and has deep gratitude for the opportunity to share this discovery with her students. Her style is a soulful vinyasa flow, she believes that beauty and grace are abundant when we are "connected" and each class focuses on this connection by creating a safe space, loving energy, rhythmic breath, thoughtful sequencing and music that moves you. Tawny teaches regularly at True Hot Yoga in Scottsdale, The Villages at DC Ranch and Gainey Ranch and Mountainside Fitness. She teaches private lessons to both small groups and individuals... Read the profile >>