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Shandi Rooney

Shandi is the owner and creator of Studiomixx in Oldtown. She received a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Kansas. After college, Shandi relocated to Los Angeles where she was recruited by Jackie Warner, Bravo's "Workout" and Jillian Michael's NBC'S, "The Biggest Loser" to train at their Beverly Hills studio, Skysportspa. After working with the best in the industry, Shandi developed a system that burns fat while sculpting and elongating all the muscles in the body. Shandi believes you have to "shock" your body to get rapid results. You have to keep your muscles confused so you never reach an exercise plateau. Shandi is the mother of two small children and she understands the importance of a quick and effective workout. Her phylosophy is simple, "Work your Workouts". Work hard, change up your routine, and push past the point of comfort. Shandi has been teaching group fitness and personal training for over 12 years. Her education and experience in the fitness industry has allowed her to perfect her teaching and help clients get the results they are looking for.