Seattle : Pacific Place

Aina Williams

Aina Williams has been motivating people to reach their fitness goals for over 15 years. She began as a rower at Trinity College in Connecticut and has continued her love of athletics as a rowing coach at universities across the US. During this time she became a marathoner, life coach and personal trainer. Aina discovered indoor cycling when she coached rowing at SUNY Buffalo and has been hooked since. Since moving to Seattle six years ago she has established herself as a top indoor cycling instructor. Aina uses music to create the atmosphere and drive the workout to help participants reach new levels. She is dynamic, spirited and ready to help people find their inner rock star! She believes her enthusiasm and drive to succeed give her athletes and clients an edge, to move above and beyond any expectations that were previously set. When Aina is not sweating on a bike or making people stronger, she loves to read, cook delicious vegan food and listen to music.