Seattle : Pacific Place

Tim Sullivan

Urban Yoga Spa, 8 limbs Capital Hill, hauteyoga queen anne

Tim is a tea enthusiast, writer, translator, and massage therapist who found his way to Seattle by way of Chicago, New York, Paris, and Austin, tX.

Always a very physical person who liked activity and played almost all sports he could get near, jumping from rock to rock over waterfalls and plunging to the bottom of lakes and rivers were always more Tim's style. Yoga gave him a taste of that vigorous, yet gentle beauty without having to leave his room. Tim enjoys the juxtaposition of yoga's simplicity and complexity, and the simple fact that one can have a practice that is invigorating and relaxing for the body, mind, and spirit on a little person-sized mat.

Tim holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and completed his 200-hour RYT training at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, MX. He has taught private and group classes in Chicago, New York, Paris, and Texas after training with Seane Corn, Dharma Mittra, and extensively with Shiva Rea. His classes focus on strength within fluidity, connecting in with our liquid nature. Tim believes that yoga goes beyond a simple movement practice, and through linking the body and mind, he hopes to help students release not only physical tension, but mental and emotional stresses as well. "Each practice can be such a complex adventure, sending you through memory and loss, love and triumph, and it all starts here, with this inhalation."