Seattle : Pacific Place

Zakkry Endicott

Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

Zak participated in his first yoga class out of curiosity. The high energy and challenge of Baptiste Power Vinyasa left him invigorated and hooked! Right away, Zak applied for Shakti's Karma Yogi program and like fate he was accepted almost immediately!

In late 2009 Zak participated in TAP with Peter Avolio and he immediately fell in love with the long hours of practice and asana study. Right then he knew he wanted to sign up for teacher training with Baron Baptiste and advanced TAP with Lisa Black.

In 2010 Zak completed Level 1& 2 Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings. After completing the trainings Zak joined the Teacher Mentorship Program at Shakti and was mentored by Lisa and Peter for six months before, in January of 2011, he fulfilled his life long dream: to drop everything and travel and live in Brazil with family.

Back from traveling Zak continues his mentorship with Lisa Black and is so very excited to be making his other big dream come true: to share a practice that has empowered Zak to discover who he really is inside, and to cultivate the power to realize his dreams and potentials!

Zak aspires to use yoga as a platform for philanthropy. His dream is to teach yoga in order to help others who feel lost uncover their own inner light, power and beauty, so that they can follow their true life's path! He believes that through intense meditation and focus on the physical body, one's spirit and one's hidden self can be revealed.