Seattle : University Village

Amy McClimans

The pursuit of fitness didn’t spark until Amy’s college years. She found herself constantly dabbling in different workout programs but consistency was a challenge. The introduction of CrossFit to her life solved that struggle. Having a different workout every day provided refreshing variety from previous workout programs. Due to the infinite scaleability of CrossFit it is something that you can grow with. It doesn’t matter your fitness level when you begin or even as you develop into an advanced athlete, there is something for everybody.

Amy’s favorite aspect of CrossFit is being surrounded by so many people who are willing to work really hard, strive for excellence and are some of the nicest people she has ever met. The commonality of having a lifestyle pursuing fitness and taking care of ourselves makes it easy to connect together through forming bonds with others in the gym that can’t be developed anywhere else.

A day doesn’t go by where Amy doesn’t feel like she has improved or is celebrating with others in the gym over their success’. Everybody has a bad training day but in CrossFit you quickly forget as the girl next to you gets her first pull up! Amy loves the feel of constant improvement for both herself and witnessing it on a daily basis with others.

Outside of the gym Amy has found that CrossFit has helped her deal with the curveballs of life and daily obstacles. CrossFit has helped improve every area of Amy’s life, relational, physical, mental, and spiritual. It is not just another workout program but truly a way of life.

Amy’s experience with CrossFit was so impactful she needed to find a way to share it with as many people as possible leading her to open CrossFit Deliverance. Located right outside of the University Village Amy has the opportunity to work with people on a daily basis teaching them what it means to strive for virtuosity (doing the common uncommonly well).

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer