East Coast Showroom

Alfred Tang

Running has been part of my life and it is a hobby I have since I was a teenager. This love has kept my passion for sports going. It is one of the key reasons why I enjoy my job for the past 15 years as a Personal Trainer so much. My job allows me to introduce the joy and benefits of running to more people who wants to start exercising. I run at anytime of the day or night, whenever I can find the time. One of my firm beliefs is to keep myself in good shape so that I am always ready for any challenge that is to come. Running gives me a sense of freedom and I feel the adrenalin rush and accomplishment after every run. This feeling was felt the most after I completed my first 100km Ultra Marathon. I do an average of 3 marathons a year and will plan for at least one oversea... Read the profile >>

Alicia Pan

Yoga Movement

Alicia is the Founder and Owner of Yoga Movement. She discovered yoga in 2005 while living in Taipei. Many of her good friends were yoga teachers who encouraged her to try yoga to help alleviate the stresses of her demanding music and entertainment career. It turned out to be just the remedy. What began as an occasional practice became her main fitness and relaxation pursuit; which provided her with much-needed space to focus inwards and forget about the world outside. She sees her practice space as her sanctuary. Alicia is an intense lover of yoga and flowing, challenging sequences as she has a voracious appetite for physical exertion in general. She is also passionate about training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and feels that yoga, combined with them, create the perfect... Read the profile >>

Anil Kumar

Platinum Yoga

Born and raised in India, Anil, a 13 year veteran in yoga sharing this yoga journey, the benefits he has inherited through the practices of yoga and his strong beliefs that yoga works for everyone; regardless of age, gender and your physique. It is all in the mind. His secret ingredient to his great achievements is to always wear a positive thinking cap in whatever you chose to do. Dribbling football at the age of 10, like any other kids, he loves to soak himself in the sports of 11 players. A sport enthusiast by nature, he participated in many track and field sports. It was by coincidence that he signed up yoga as a curriculum during his college days. The initial practices was extremely tough; imagined yourself switching from running to just an on-the-mat and indoor ‘sport’. Through... Read the profile >>

Stanley Alim

Ashtanga Yoga Singapore

I discovered yoga when I was recuperating from severe leg injuries sustained in a traffic accident in 1999. Yoga's therapeutic nature helped me keep fit in all aspects of physicality and spirituality despite the physical limitations during this healing period. After recovery, I continued yoga practice and become my daily regime to seek a more holistic form of lifestyle. Yoga has also provided me with more peaceful and inner sanctity. In 2002, I gave up my job to further enrich my yoga practice in Mysore, to study with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the eminent Ashtanga guru and his grandson, Sharath Rangaswamy. It has been then become a ritual to return to the source for self-improvement and inspiration. I have also received blessing(authorized I & II) from guruji to be the first son in... Read the profile >>