Sorrento : Sorrento


Yoga found me in 2003 in the form of a poster nailed onto a coconut tree in Thailand.
That memorable class on the beach left a resonating, deep impression and since then I’ve spent most of my waking life (and a fair bit of subconscious time too) studying the philosophy of Yoga.
I’ve trained with traditional gurus, contemporary masters, neuroscientists, Ayurvedic practitioners and more recently, Yoga Therapists where I believe, the greatest benefits lie.
I work with individuals, groups, corporates, organisations and schools in class settings, one-on-ones, seminars, workshops and home-study courses.
Two years ago Yoga in the Park was launched which ran in 5 locations across the Mornington Peninsula over summer, involving 15 teachers and demonstration students to deliver Yoga to over 1000 participants.
It's about bringing Yoga to you, the people. What you do with it then, is your choice.