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Sarah Beck


Celebrating almost a decade in the Fitness Industry, I truly have grown to love my job more each day! As a collegiate athlete I spent my early mornings rowing on the Grand River in Grand Rapids, MI with a crew of amazing women, and my afternoons studying Exercise Science. Just for fun I got into Cardio Kickboxing and fell in love with TurboKick! This is where I started to have more fun working out than I every would have imagined! Making fitness fun is a huge priority of mine, which is why I started teaching Fitness Classes and Personal Training. One of my fitness heroes, Chalene Johnson (creator of Turbokick), once said that the best gift you can give someone is a compliment....so to further explain a little bit about myself, you’ve got to hear about the people who surround me every day!

My compliments....my shout outs, go to:
- My Family - you all have given me the mental strength to get where I am today and flood me with unconditional love and loads laughter....because of you I can share that mental toughness, hard work ethic and love to others every day! You’ve shown me it’s okay to stumble and how to learn from it! And my husband, wow! This guy is the most supportive person I know and shows me the true meaning of trust!
- My Class Participants - you all remind me every day what risk-taking is all about. Some people show up for class as their first workout in ten years, and some daily gym rats...and you all take an hour of your day to become stronger together. You prove why it’s so important for us to take care of each other and work together to become stronger every day!
- My Clients - whew! You all do EVERYTHING I tell you to do....without hesitation and that’s true courage! It’s awesome to see each of you push your limits and overcome some amazing things! You make my job challenging and oh so rewarding because of your dedication to your physical, mental and emotional wellness!

So in a nutshell:
I am mentally strong
I love to love
I love to laugh
I work hard
I stumble sometimes...
And I learn!
I am supportive
I take risks
I see strength in numbers
I know we ARE better together
I am just a little bit courageous (not as much as my clients)
I make changes....good ones!
I love to run....and I love being a Lululemon Ambassador for our awesome community!
I love my job.....I love making fitness fun and good-health contagious.
And it’s all a testament to the amazing people who surround me everyday!