Crescent Court

Jeff Oswalt

I was born in Portland, OR and our family moved to Spokane as part of a job transfer for my dad in 1989. I met my wife at the start of our senior year of high school (we both attended Mead). She was the hot transfer from California so I introduced myself before any of the bigger athletes got their chance. While at Mead, I ran track my sophomore year. I wasn't fast enough for the short distances and Mead was such a power house in the long distances that I was stuck running the 800m. I hated it and never did track again. In '92 and 93' I ran XC at Mead. Our 1993 team is still considered the best high school team ever, we went undefeated and were crowned national champs that year. Mead also won 9 state titles in a row starting in '88-'96, it was an amazing time to run at Mead under Pat... Read the profile >>

Jenni Niemann

FarmGirl Fit

My goal in opening Farmgirlfit was to create a place where women can go to achieve greatness and improve themselves physically, using modification and scaling to accommodate limitations. Growing up in a small farm town in Oregon, I was surrounded by people that never took the easy way out, and always worked hard to yield results. I find the most value in training people that are willing to work and know that the effort they put in at the gym will transfer to positivity in other areas of their life. I honestly believe that when a woman is strong and becomes more fit, she will view the world around her differently and with more happiness. I am dedicated to teaching women how to lift weight properly, increase specific skills, and become all-around more capable of any task. In my... Read the profile >>

Katie Cooley

Spokane Yoga Shala

My older brother Rob was born without the ability to walk and develop either physically or mentally in a way that any of us would call normal. Over the years that he lived I learned from watching the different trajectories of our lives. His living, among other things, taught me that without movement, our experience of life does not develop optimally. So for me, this is where I focus in yoga. Because it is not just the lack of movement in a baby with a birth defect, but the lack of movement, healthy movement throughout our lives that color our development as people. I started teaching both traditional Ashtanga classes and Vinyasa flow style classes in 1998 at O2Yoga in Boston, I have had a dedicated Ashtanga practice for 15 years and I have traveled to India to study at the Ashtanga... Read the profile >>

Kelly Thielbahr

I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and I continue to be amazed by the benefits of this sacred practice. From the first moment I stepped on my mat, I instantly fell in love with its peaceful and centering benefits. As I have learned to listen to my inner voice and let go, I have watched a path of purpose unfold and doors open that I could have never imagined. In the Fall of 2008, I decided to take my passion for Yoga to a new level and completed my 200 hour certification from At One Yoga in Scottsdale, Arizona. The original intention was purely to deepen my own practice, but the further along I went the clearer it became that my calling was to teach. As a native of the Northwest, I am thrilled to have settled here in Spokane. I feel truly privileged to be able to share my... Read the profile >>

Kerrianne Thronson

The Bar Method

Kerrianne Thronson was born and raised in Seattle, WA and established a love for fitness and dance at a young age. As a young adult, she moved to Spokane, WA to study Dental Hygiene at Eastern Washington University. Later, she and her husband Mike were blessed with three daughters and it was after having her second daughter that she made an effort to get back in shape. After 8 years of Pilates, Yoga and Running, she discovered the Bar Method. For Kerrianne, she was inspired by her ever active and athletic ballet - loving daughters to try the Bar Method. After her first experience with the Bar Method, she immediately fell in love with the practice. She felt it was the best way to get results and a high sense of achievement after a single class. She appreciates the attention to detail... Read the profile >>

Sarah Ranson

Spokane Swifts Running Team

I am an endurance athlete. I began my athletic career as a competitive swimmer at age 5. In 6th grade I joined the cross country team and found out I was pretty fast. Running and swimming were my passion until it was time for college. After having athletic success on the State level in Pennsylvania in both swimming and running I hung up my cap and goggles and headed to the University of Missouri on a running scholarship. After a successful 5 year running career at the University of Missouri and a B.S. in hand I packed up for a warmer training climate and The Florida State University, and an opportunity to purse a M.S. in Sport Management and a Graduate Assistant coaching position with the track and Cross Country program. While at Florida State I found my passion in coaching,... Read the profile >>

Shelley Enlow

Spokane Yoga Shala

I think I became a yoga teacher when I was 20 years old, even though I didn’t know what yoga was and I wouldn’t step on my mat for another 6 years. I was going to school to be a respiratory therapist. I was helping people who were sick breathe better. The irony is that the first part of teaching yoga is to teach people to how to breathe. As the months unfolded in my schooling, I realized that many of the people who needed my help were actually sick because of life choices - for example, poor diet, lack of exercise, and managing a lot of stress without an outlet. Many of the people were very young and very sick way before their time. I realized then that my life purpose was to help people live better, less stressful, and more mindful lives. I did a u-turn in my schooling and... Read the profile >>