Spokane : Crescent Court

Jeff Oswalt

I was born in Portland, OR and our family moved to Spokane as part of a job transfer for my dad in 1989. I met my wife at the start of our senior year of high school (we both attended Mead). She was the hot transfer from California so I introduced myself before any of the bigger athletes got their chance. While at Mead, I ran track my sophomore year. I wasn't fast enough for the short distances and Mead was such a power house in the long distances that I was stuck running the 800m. I hated it and never did track again. In '92 and 93' I ran XC at Mead. Our 1993 team is still considered the best high school team ever, we went undefeated and were crowned national champs that year. Mead also won 9 state titles in a row starting in '88-'96, it was an amazing time to run at Mead under Pat Tyson. While I never made varsity, I did discover a love for running during this time.

After high school I attended Washington State University and married Jenny, that same hot girl from California. After I graduated, with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations, we moved back to Spokane. We started our family soon after and today I’m lucky to be blessed with two beautiful daughters as well as an amazing wife and best friend. Running definitely took a back seat to being a husband and a dad.

In 2008 my dad said, "Hey, do you think we could do one of those sprint triathlons?" I thought of course I could do one of those, I was part of the Mead XC team. During my limited training, (I had only swam twice), I discovered my love of running again. A former XC teammate, Tyler Lafferty, was a huge influence on my training and overall fitness. He was extremely instrumental in turning the corner in my running career by encouraging my diet changes as well as working harder.

Due to my demanding business travel schedule and the fact that lap pools and bikes are hard to come by on business trips, I decided to focus on running full time in 2009. I entered a few races and started to get a taste for some rewarding results; 3rd in my age group, then 1st in my age group. For the last 1.5 years, I have been training for overall wins with some success achieved. In 2013, myself and two of my friends, started Paragon Racing. This team is still in it's infancy but we have one amazing roster with some of the fastest guys in the city, and look forward to giving back to the community.

At the end of the day, I run to make friends, I run to win and I run to get centered. I've discovered that there's some amazing moments of enlightened clarity that come through pure physical exhaustion. If you ever need running routes for major cities around America or just want to run with a group of passionate runners in Spokane, give the store a call and they'll put us in touch.