Spokane : Crescent Court

Katie Cooley


My older brother Rob was born without the ability to walk and develop either physically or mentally in a way that any of us would call normal. Over the years that he lived I learned from watching the different trajectories of our lives. His living, among other things, taught me that without movement, our experience of life does not develop optimally. So for me, this is where I focus in yoga. Because it is not just the lack of movement in a baby with a birth defect, but the lack of movement, healthy movement throughout our lives that color our development as people.

I started teaching both traditional Ashtanga classes and Vinyasa flow style classes in 1998 at O2Yoga in Boston, I have had a dedicated Ashtanga practice for 15 years and I have traveled to India to study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, but my teaching is most greatly influenced by my long time studies with David Garrigues and the neurophysiology behind Hanna Somatics. In my classes I emphasize “moving into length” rather than stretching, and the importance of doing so without “strain,” but instead we try to “meet and match” that which is being asked of us both physically and mentally on the mat and in life.