Spokane : Crescent Court

Sarah Ranson


I am an endurance athlete. I began my athletic career as a competitive swimmer at age 5. In 6th grade I joined the cross country team and found out I was pretty fast. Running and swimming were my passion until it was time for college. After having athletic success on the State level in Pennsylvania in both swimming and running I hung up my cap and goggles and headed to the University of Missouri on a running scholarship. After a successful 5 year running career at the University of Missouri and a B.S. in hand I packed up for a warmer training climate and The Florida State University, and an opportunity to purse a M.S. in Sport Management and a Graduate Assistant coaching position with the track and Cross Country program. While at Florida State I found my passion in coaching, mentoring and encouraging other runners. I've been coaching runners ever since that year in 1996.

Today I coach, challenge and encourage the women of Spokane to achieve goals most never dreamed possible with the Swifts running team. Women who never dreamed of running a step in adult life, or after children, now have a healthy addiction to their daily run. Others who were High School athletes have found the swifts and have reignited the competitive spark. I believe in the power of group training, you push harder, go father and faster with a group than on your own. I push hard, harder than you want sometimes, because I know your capable of more! The women of Swifts call me "Tinkerbell in Combat Boots." I'd say that's appropriate, and I LOVE it!

I play around with triathlons but running is my true passion and helping others to love running is what I do. As my athletes and clients achieve success and joy from their training I become even more motivated to pursue my own goals. I hope to become even faster today (as a Master's runner) than I was in my youth.

Come run with me and the SWIFTS and you will learn a lot about yourself, find you are capable or so much more, and meet a group of truly amazing women. It just takes the courage to come one day- your life could change forever!