St Paul : Grand Ave. St. Paul

Amelia Ruth

CorePower Yoga St. Paul, CorePower Yoga Highland Park

Amelia cannot pinpoint the exact moment that she fell in love with dance, but rather many moments over her lifetime. She has been teaching and choreographing for over a decade at various schools in the Twin Cities. Amelia discovered and fell in love with yoga when CorePower came to Grand Avenue and signed up for their teacher training program in the spring of 2009. There is such a special relationship and correspondence between yoga and dance, each enhancing the other and she has been evolving as a teacher ever since. To empower and inspire people through movement – whether dance or yoga – to help the heart sing and heal and uncover the ability, grace and power that people already possess is Amelia’s raison d’etre. Her students are a constant source of inspiration, joy and learning. And to each of them, she is grateful.