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| Alumni | Matt Bedrosian

A native Angeleno and valley kid, Matthew Bedrosian has spent all but six months of his 47 years in the state of California. He attended what was then Harvard School in North Hollywood before it was overrun with girls, and then somehow got into UC Berkeley where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in just five years.

His way-too-much post graduate work includes a Masters degree in Communications Management from USC's Annenberg School, pre Internet and cell's that, as well as a JD from Loyola Law School.

Bedrosian spent (served?) 12 years as a literary agent at Paradigm Talent Agency where he represented film and television writers and directors and proudly returned most phone calls in a timely and professional manner.
After leaving Hollywood (on his own terms!), Bedrosian embarked on a career as a proprietary stock trader, where he lost waaay too much money so he'll stop that part of the bio right here.

However, it was during the stress of that chapter of his life that Matt was first introduced to yoga by his wife, Kim who was fed up with living with a man wound tighter than a steroids-era Major League baseball pitcher. He's been an ardent practitioner since 2007 and became a certified instructor in the summer of 2011. You may have seen him blocking your view of what the teacher is doing in any number of yoga studios in the Valley. Matt opened his own studio, Forward Fold ( in Encino in beginning 2013 and is honored to have some of his favorite instructors from across the city teaching in this community yoga studio in the town where he grew up.

Matt, as of the time of printing, lives with his beautiful wife of nearly 20 years, and their rockstar ninja 12-year-old son, Noah, although they have neither read nor approved this bio.