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| Alumni | Mike Felbinger

Mike began his life in motion. The youngest of three, he ran just to keep up with an older brother and sister always on the move. He's still running. A gypsy at heart (and most likely by blood), Mike finds inspiration through living a life of curiosity. His eclectic and varied interests have led him to opportunities in multiple disciplines. In the production world, Mike is an award-winning producer and director of digital content for advertising, and has produced and shot several fitness DVDs. In the performing arts, Mike traveled the world singing and dancing. In the fitness world, his zest for life and passion for fitness have found a place to thrive. A natural teacher, Mike is a staff member of Pilates Sports Center and Pilates Studio City. He also teaches spin at Breakaway Indoor Cycling. As an instructor, Mike strives to create a workout that is effective, but more importantly, FUN for his clients. After long hours training for marathons, Mike asked himself several times, why am I doing this?? He discovered that what kept his focus on the run was that it was fun. He applies this same approach to his instruction. Keep it fun, and they'll run. On long runs, he finds inspiration from his family. Notably, a grandmother with rheumatoid arthritis who kept positive and chose not to be ruled by her physical pain. Secondly, from his Dad, who ran 3 miles everyday at 6 a.m. (even in the cold Wisconsin winters - talk about mustache icicles!) His goals? To inspire through example. To increase awareness about wellness through happy, fun, and exciting bits of media. To show that fitness is achievable by everyone willing to take that first step.