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| Alumni | Sara Kapuchinski

Sara Kapuchinski had already fully embraced a whole other career as a high level executive in the music industry for over 10 years before she decided it was time to make a major change in her life. Up until 2008, she played the dual role of a music publisher by day and personal trainer/pilates instructor by nights and weekends before she had an epiphany: Expense accounts don't buy happiness.
After becoming certified on all apparatuses in west-coast contemporary style pilates through Pilates Sports Center in Encino, Sara decided to pursue a full-time career as an instructor. She began teaching at pilates studios all over Southern California and in the process began developing her own unique method of teaching. She wanted to provide her clientele with a "complete workout", one that encapsulated all of the fundamentals of a fitness regimen but with all of the amazing benefits that pilates has to offer. In June 2011, she opened the doors of i heart fitness XO a pilates-based fusion fitness studio on Ventura Blvd in Studio City with her partner and fiancé Myles Lewis. The studio quickly began to thrive attracting clients who had longed for a more challenging yet mindful pilates workout.
In just 10 months since opening the doors of i heart fitness XO, Sara has trained a stable of 8 instructors who teach over 40 classes weekly and is currently in the process of opening studio #2.