Summit : Springfield Ave

Leonardo Muñoz

"I was fairly athletic when I was younger being involved with soccer and swimming in high school and boxing in college. Further, my dad continues to run at least 3 marathons per year (as he has since before I was born) so I thought I knew what it took to be in shape; but, to quote royalty, “my life got flipped - turned upside down” after my first CrossFit WorkOut of the Day (wod) in April 2009.

I started to to go consistently because it never became monotonous. I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment after each day and it was hard not to be energized by the genuine interest shown by fellow members in everyone's success during the workouts. It’s because of this support and attention that I received when I was just beginning to actually address my fitness (rather than just address the byproducts of actual fitness) that I got certified, became a coach, and am now owner of CrossFit Veracity.

Veracity means "a conformity to facts; habitual truthfulness" and I feel that CrossFit is the truth in fitness. The CrossFit community is amazing and truly becomes like a second family and every workout is designed to make you fitter than you were when you walked in. As such, my goal as owner of CrossFit Veracity is to provide a welcoming and challenging environment to anyone who walks in my doors."