Sydney : Bondi Junction

Gabi Bruce

Gabi grew into yoga from a dance and group fitness background. Her classes reflect these influences in their strong, athletic flow. Gabi loves to teach practises that draw students out of their minds and into their bodies., so that they might tangibly experience the yogic truth 'Soham' (I am that, part of all that is).

Gabi's many years of teaching experience means that her classes, whilst strong, cater to all levels of physical ability and experience. She encourages her students to work to the best of their own ability as it is in the moment, without comparing it to past practises or to others prastising around them. This cultivation of mindfulness and prescence allows students to explore the vinyasas offered in a state and supported way and build the practise that is right for them in that moment.

"I love seeing students get so caught up in the flow of their practise that they let go of the need to be their ego, and instead just be. Watching them be absolutely in the moment and connected to themselves as part of the greater universal self is such a joy! I am so enormously priviledged and grateful to my students for sharing their journeys with me".