Chatswood Chase

Alanna Chan

Yoga Pavilion

Alanna has built a strong following for her gentle yet focused teaching style and her ability to build a warm rapport with her students. Discovering yoga at the age of 17, the philosophy and practice has been a source of peace and strength to her ever since. Alanna was introduced to yoga by her mother and it became a way for them to connect with each other every week. After practicing for 14 years she was inspired to become a teacher, completing her Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Nature Care College, Sydney in 2007. Alanna’s approach to yoga is unique. It is simple, gentle and considered with a rigorous and expert attention to detail, which ensures people receive the best of care. She understands the benefits of yoga for people with busy lives. Alanna graduated in law, has worked... Read the profile >>

Lisa Halligan

Heart and Soul Healthclubs

As a dedicated yoga practioner for most of her life, Lisa has been teaching yoga full time since 2004. After experiencing a challenging time with her health 10 years ago she chose to delve a little deeper into the origins and theraputic aspects of yoga to assist in the recovery back to wellness. She discovered a profound helpful influence yoga had given to her life and embarked on a teaching journey thereafter completing the yoga teaching certificate with Katie Manitsas. Lisa describes her yoga experience; "Over the years my yoga career has taken me to the Maldives where I resided for a period of time teaching and integrating ayurvedic principles, Sri Lanka, Thailand, France and back here in Australia. I offer a Hatha style of yoga ranging from gentle to dynamic with emphasis on... Read the profile >>

Sarah Josephsen

Climb Fit

Over the last 6 years Sarah has developed her passion for group exercise and personal training. Spin classes are her number one, but she also takes core, boxing and circuit classes. Sarah's emphasis is having fun in her classes, in her team and partner groups she pushes her clients out of their comfort zones, even exercising in dress ups! Sarah talks about growing up around ClimbFit; "I have always been around health and fitness - my dad has run gyms in the past and my first job was handing out locker keys and towels at the age of 5. I was always hanging round watching him take classes and seeing people sweat and work hard! Our family holidays always revolved around active pursuits- tennis , bush walks and hikes up mountains, jogs on he beach, skiing- you name it- we did it! 18... Read the profile >>