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Lisa Halligan

Heart and Soul Healthclubs

As a dedicated yoga practioner for most of her life, Lisa has been teaching yoga full time since 2004. After experiencing a challenging time with her health 10 years ago she chose to delve a little deeper into the origins and theraputic aspects of yoga to assist in the recovery back to wellness. She discovered a profound helpful influence yoga had given to her life and embarked on a teaching journey thereafter completing the yoga teaching certificate with Katie Manitsas.

Lisa describes her yoga experience;

"Over the years my yoga career has taken me to the Maldives where I resided for a period of time teaching and integrating ayurvedic principles, Sri Lanka, Thailand, France and back here in Australia. I offer a Hatha style of yoga ranging from gentle to dynamic with emphasis on Vanda Scaravelli inspired alignment principles for a safe practice. I aim to help clients access yoga with respect to their physical capabilities whether they are complete beginners or have been practicing for a while.

What interests me the most is to encourage clients that yoga is a way of life and when implemented into the everyday, tangible natural resources already residing within each and every one of us can be revealed helping to maintain a greater vitality to enjoy all other aspects of our lives thus influencing those around us; human, animal, plant, mineral...universal."