Sydney : Chatswood Chase

Sarah Josephsen

Over the last 6 years Sarah has developed her passion for group exercise and personal training. Spin classes are her number one, but she also takes core, boxing and circuit classes. Sarah's emphasis is having fun in her classes, in her team and partner groups she pushes her clients out of their comfort zones, even exercising in dress ups!

Sarah talks about growing up around ClimbFit;

"I have always been around health and fitness - my dad has run gyms in the past and my first job was handing out locker keys and towels at the age of 5. I was always hanging round watching him take classes and seeing people sweat and work hard!

Our family holidays always revolved around active pursuits- tennis , bush walks and hikes up mountains, jogs on he beach, skiing- you name it- we did it!
18 years ago mum and dad set up Climb-Fit - a rock climbing and gym facility in St leonards and we have been there ever since. Our centre is run by my family- and our staff are an extension of that family. It's such a fun place to work and to work out and we meet some pretty inspiring people- from mountain climbers to base jumpers.

I think goal setting is so important! Each year I try to mix it up with my goals so that the theme of the year is different- in 2012 I wanted to do my first marathon so it was a big year of running. 2013 has been a big strength year. Next year... Climbing and other outdoor pursuits. In 2015 I want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I've been to Everest Base camp and it's magical- travel and a physical challenge in one- now that is the perfect holiday!".