Sydney : Mid City

Oliver Smith

Oliver’s journey to CrossFit first began in 2007 when he became a qualified personal trainer. After watching a video of females smashing through muscle ups and air squats, Oliver was hooked. He believes your level of fitness has a direct impact on your quality of life. The more the pendulum swings away from sickness towards fitness, the better your quality of life. Oliver’s training will help you remain healthy and start your shift towards fitness. Oliver caters for all people regardless of their shape and size, whether you would like to play with the children/grandchildren for longer; excel at your sport; work in the garden without being puffed; ride the slopes for longer or be able to stay in the lineup and not come in to the beach to rest . Oliver is certified as a CrossFit level 1 trainer, ASCA level 1 strength and conditioning coach, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting & Kettelebell trainer, punch pad/kick pad instructor, Certificate III in fitness, Certificate IV in Personal Training and with a diploma in remedial massage; Oliver is a busy man but has all the time in the world to help you achieve your goals!