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Cora Geroux

Cora Geroux is an international yoga teacher & writer, having studied and taught in America, Canada and now Australia.

Cora came to yoga searching for a way to manage her stress & anxiety and fell in love with the transformational powers of the practice. After obtaining her BA in Psychology in Vancouver, Cora completed her 500hr Moksha Yoga training in 2009, and has since trained in Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. She has been influenced greatly by attending multiple Vispassana meditation retreats, and experiencing the power of silence and stillness.

Cora believes that our practice on the mat is a metaphor for life, a testing ground - a place where we can safely experiment with, and try on new beliefs about ourselves in a practical, hands on kind of way. If you come to her class, expect to be challenged both physically and mentally, and given space to have your own experience. Cora currently offers public classes, workshops, retreats, online courses and private yoga.

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