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leila Lutz

The sentiment behind Gandhi’s (possibly misquoted) line ‘Be the change you wish to see in the World’ underpins the ‘Momentum For Life’s’ founder, Leila Lutz’ reason for being…

“Basically, I want everyone to be empowered about their health. I don’t want people to necessarily accept when a medical professional tells you this is your lot. It’s not true.”

Leila’s own health experiences strongly shaped this belief. The fork in the road for Leila was when she was told she needed a barrage of invasive treatments as well as the ingestion of radioactive tablets and a life on medication. Gut instinct told her this was not the way, especially as the likely side-effect would leave her unable to bear children. Instead, she let off her own version of a radioactive bomb. She looked at the ‘dis-ease’ within her body as a message to investigate herself further and change her existing habits. After extensive research Leila radically changed her diet, lifestyle and relationships to wind up healthy and whole despite all her ‘genetic predispositions’. Critically, she chose to eat and move as Mother Nature intended and in the process found her life’s purpose.

‘I’ve learnt through my experiences and training that by mastering your emotions, diet and movement you can, in the process, discover your dream and become the master of your own destiny.’

Believing that the body is a structure of interrelated systems, Leila has an impressive understanding of how each muscle and the organ is affected by everything we eat, drink, think and feel. Using this knowledge she coaches clients through injury rehabilitation back to peak athletic performance.

‘C.H.E.K. Institute’ trained, qualified and endorsed, Leila has become a leader in her field, across Exercise, Lifestyle, Food and Emotional Coaching. Further, having combined her qualifications as a Life Coach and Trainer of NLP and Matrix Therapies with her ‘Theatre Studies Major’ from the VCA she is a powerful presenter, teacher and mentor to Exercise and Lifestyle coaches around the country.