Carly Steggles


After six years working in a suited and booted corporate job in the UK, two years embarking on an ever-so-slightly crazy overland trip from the UK to Australia and a year back at the desk in Sydney, I realised it was time to take the plunge and pursue my love of the outdoors, fitness and running. I now run OzSquad, an outdoor bootcamp, personal training and running business and Buggy Bootcamp, an outdoor exercise group for new Mums. Through OzSquad, I offer a six week Learn to Run course which teaches correct technique and inspires confidence in beginner runners. As a trainer, this course is massively rewarding, inspiring and motivating – the improvement beginners achieve in just six weeks is amazing and I want as many people as possible to realise that they too are runners!... Read the profile >>

Daniel Myers

Power Living

Daniel is more than just a Yoga teacher he is a fearless adventurer. Daniels passion for adrenaline is evenly balanced by the calmness of meditation and yoga. Daniel would say, “It’s not about throwing myself out of a plane with out a care for life, It’s about the ability to remain calm and peaceful in the heat of every moment”. Most people feel that the action sports and yoga are polar opposites but Daniel believes they have so much in common. As a kid Daniel was always outside climbing trees, playing sports, riding his bike or just being outside with friends. This active lifestyle and love for fitness turned into years of martial arts including tae kwon do, boxing and kick boxing. As well as a passion for physical fitness Daniel also has a passion for board sports including... Read the profile >>

Morgan Webert

Qi Yoga

I began working in the body-mind health field over ten years ago when I trained as a remedial massage therapist at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. At the same time I had the equivalent of my “first kiss” with yoga sitting in a community class at Yoga Source learning Ujjayi breathing. It transported me into a place of stillness and expansion that guided me through my first ever Ashtanga Primary Series. As a ballet dancer since the age of five I felt I’d discovered the most amazing dance that followed the music of my breath and internal world...and I was hooked! Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of people therapeutically as a remedial massage therapist, gaining first hand experience with a myriad of physical pain, postural issues and energetic stagnation. My love... Read the profile >>

Simon Bennett


From an early age Simon has had sports and fitness embedded in his body. With a mother working as a high school physical education teacher he was quickly introduced to a variety of sports growing up. Developing as a county swimmer Simon represented his home city in National level competition swimming. Retiring from the pool as a late teenager Simon quickly became interested in power sports and became an avid boxer amongst learning Olympic Weightlifting. He then went on to achieve national qualifications in Strength & Conditioning and Olympic Weightlifting as well as Personal Training. With nearly a decade in the industry he has now put it all into play and spent the last 2 years working closely with Endurance sports and in particular Triathletes. Now with an exclusive facility... Read the profile >>