Sydney : Warringah

Carly Steggles

After six years working in a suited and booted corporate job in the UK, two years embarking on an ever-so-slightly crazy overland trip from the UK to Australia and a year back at the desk in Sydney, I realised it was time to take the plunge and pursue my love of the outdoors, fitness and running. I now run OzSquad, an outdoor bootcamp, personal training and running business and Buggy Bootcamp, an outdoor exercise group for new Mums.

Through OzSquad, I offer a six week Learn to Run course which teaches correct technique and inspires confidence in beginner runners. As a trainer, this course is massively rewarding, inspiring and motivating – the improvement beginners achieve in just six weeks is amazing and I want as many people as possible to realise that they too are runners!

My philosophy and approach to exercise is all about fun. I believe that if you enjoy the exercise you do, it will naturally become part of your weekly routine. If exercise becomes part of your routine, it becomes part of your lifestyle and eventually part of you. It’s just what you do and results are an inevitable and pleasant side effect.

I aim to ensure that each and every one of my sessions, whether it is a 6am bootcamp, a running session or a Buggy Bootcamp, are fun, sociable and always different, so they are never a chore.

I also aim for my exercise groups to be more than just an exercise group. I want my clients to build long lasting friendships, a social circle and a support network with each other. I set out to do this at every session by creating a welcoming atmosphere (everyone knows everyone’s names - I find that burpee penalties assist the memory no end!), by organising regular non-sporting socials (everything in moderation) and by encouraging free social weekend runs. OzSquadders are friendly, love being outdoors and most importantly, don’t take themselves too seriously. OzSquadders - you rule!