Sydney : Warringah

Mysan Sidbo

Yoga has been my life partner for about 12 years now, 12 years of romance and love, challenges and trust issues, passion and power and a whole lot of and boom boom pow!
As an outdoorsy person, my life has always been in tune with nature and when I started yoga I did so because I had beaten my body up with hard core outdoor training and snowboarding, thinking – I need some balance. The love affair kicked off! I started exploring and I found myself walking down little alleyways leading to Bikram, Hatha and Power Vinyasa (as the full on adrenaline seeker that I was!) and as I made my way through these alleyways, more and more curiosity emerged.
Yoga for me has always been an adventure of happiness and love and when I started my Hatha Yoga Teacher training love really started to flow freely! Don’t take me wrong, there have been stormy days, hell, even weeks and months, tears and fears, but that is how a love affair can be, you ride the rough waters, weather out the storm, you feel it out, and you go with the current until it calms down and you set off on the correct course again.
The storm has taken me to where I am now, it has made me Me and it has guided me to the path of Hatha and Yin Yoga where I have found a balance that is right for me – Yin and Yang, the Sun and the Moon.
A while ago, after a life living my purpose and passion on the mountain, snowboarding and on the water, kayaking I found myself in the rat race in the city, in a suit, high heels, sitting in front of a computer in an office cubicle – the power and passion was gone! Time to make a change! Today I am student, a teacher, an inspirational mentor and a life lover filled with curiosity. I spend a lot of time in nature, I create community and I laugh a lot. Simply. Happy. In love.
My passion is yoga, creating healthy bodies, smiling faces and happy energy, I am all about nature and the environment, my purpose is to share my knowledge, sow seeds of opportunity and laughter, lightness and joy – my aim is to help the world to smile, people to live with love, be happier and lighter, Mother Earth to blossom, oceans to be pristine and the air fresh to breathe.