Sydney : Warringah

Simon Bennett

From an early age Simon has had sports and fitness embedded in his body. With a mother working as a high school physical education teacher he was quickly introduced to a variety of sports growing up. Developing as a county swimmer Simon represented his home city in National level competition swimming. Retiring from the pool as a late teenager Simon quickly became interested in power sports and became an avid boxer amongst learning Olympic Weightlifting.

He then went on to achieve national qualifications in Strength & Conditioning and Olympic Weightlifting as well as Personal Training. With nearly a decade in the industry he has now put it all into play and spent the last 2 years working closely with Endurance sports and in particular Triathletes.

Now with an exclusive facility on the Northern Beaches of Sydney specialising in endurance sports, Simon is helping many guys and girls improve their performance whilst reducing injury risk along the way.