Auckland North Shore

Amanda Morrall

Ananda Yoga

Amanda Morrall is an Auckland-based freelance yoga teacher, personal finance journalist, and mother of two. She is also author of Money Matters: Get your Life and $ Sorted. I’m a little yoga nut Bendy but taut Roll out my yoga mat And I’ll show you my heart When I get all warmed up Hear me out Tripod headstands make me want to shout I’m a very special yogi Yes, it’s true Here’s an example of what I can do I can feel connected to each and every one of you Take me to China, Tibet or Peru I’ll dine out on it as long as it’s not blue I’m a little yoga nut But I'm not hard to crack The secret you see is the Lululemon yoga pant The fabric is stretchy, the texture just right No matter which way I bend I will always ascend I’m a little yoga nut with... Read the profile >>

Erin O'Hara

Golden Yogi

Erin O'Hara loves to share health and happiness through teaching Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Run & Stretch and Kid's Yoga. Erin co-founded Golden Yogi in 2013 - a blissful Yoga, Meditation and Natural Medicine clinic in Takapuna. Her knowledge has expanded in health and wellness through studying a Bachelor of Science (Physiology), Natural Medicine, and Kundalini Yoga. She also integrates her knowledge from personal life experiences; having overcome personal illness, and racing as a Professional Triathlete on the international circuit. Why I practice: To balance my life so I remember daily that I am more than just the physical body. Yoga has improved my flexibility and reduced back pain, and meditation allows me to experience the mind. Why I teach: I teach yoga to be... Read the profile >>

Kim O' Brien

Yoga By The Sea

Yoga has been a sustaining force in Kim’s life. In the early days she noticed as she gained strength and stability on the mat, she became more grounded and confident off it. Inspired to share this with others she was soon on the path to becoming a yoga teacher. Kim believes that our reserves of strength and compassion are replenished through yoga and strives to create an environment where others can connect with their inner power. “I love teaching. I love the way yoga enhances people’s lives - simply being able to move more freely is liberating and is also the catalyst for increased confidence and wellbeing. That I am part of such a positive process is a real privilege for which I am deeply grateful.” Kim qualified as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher in 2002, has spent time in... Read the profile >>

Melissa Chalmers

les mills takapuna

Melissa's passion for health and fitness saw her change career paths from being a preschool teacher to becoming a certified holistic nutritionist as well as a Les Mills GRIT instructor and Les Mills Personal Trainer. Together with her husband, she is the co-founder of the popular 8 week program The Biggest Transformation which runs through all the Les Mills gyms in Auckland. Melissa has a passion for helping people with their health and fitness goals .Through her Facebook page The Health Spot, she has reached thousands of people and inspired them to make better choices for a healthier lifestyle. She believes that health and fitness is the core of a quality lifestyle and needs to be addressed as people are now working harder and longer hours with many time consuming commitments.... Read the profile >>

Natalie Stettler

The Mat

Likes to be called Nat. Vintage – …”getting better with age” Nat's Favorite... Food: Hmmmm I love food!! I make a mean beetroot, carrot, cilantro, snap pea and almond salad… garden fresh veges,sprouts, seeds and nuts… lots of different colours & textures, tossed in a yummy vinaigrette would be among my favourites, though I also LOVE Swiss chocolate. Colour: Blue/Green Yoga Pose: I love the sequence…the flow of all the postures and the way they progress and accompany you through life…no favourites - I love them all, especially the ones that kick my butt! Lululemon Manifesto Quote: "Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment…living in the moment could be the meaning of life" Item Lululemon clothing: My very green scuba hoodie. Place in NZ: Piha... Read the profile >>

Selva Thankamani

Get Fit Fast

Selva is well known as one of North Shore's/Auckland’s leading Personal Trainers and is also involved in his own group training business called GET FIT FAST®. GET FIT FAST® is a group training company providing 6 week training programs to challenge all aspects of your health and fitness. Selva along with personal trainer Mike Schofied, work together with other Trainers/Health Professionals, on the North Shore that share the same outlook on health and fitness. Each Trainer/Health Professional has an important role with GET FIT FAST® to help more people, improve their fitness and lifestyle choices. Selva has studied many disciplines of personal and sports training, his knowledge diversity is apparent in his approach. Selva has the ability to use several different training... Read the profile >>