Auckland North Shore : Takapuna

Amanda Morrall

Amanda Morrall is an Auckland-based freelance yoga teacher, personal finance journalist, and mother of two. She is also author of Money Matters: Get your Life and $ Sorted.

I’m a little yoga nut
Bendy but taut
Roll out my yoga mat
And I’ll show you my heart
When I get all warmed up
Hear me out
Tripod headstands make me want to shout

I’m a very special yogi
Yes, it’s true
Here’s an example of what I can do
I can feel connected to each and every one of you
Take me to China, Tibet or Peru
I’ll dine out on it as long as it’s not blue

I’m a little yoga nut
But I'm not hard to crack
The secret you see is the Lululemon yoga pant
The fabric is stretchy, the texture just right
No matter which way I bend
I will always ascend

I’m a little yoga nut with an odd preference for black
It saves me the trouble of matching this with that
You see there’s another side to Amanda
You’ll discover in time
Where money, meets passion, purpose and cause
This ambassador wants you to pause
To contemplate all that is good, wise and right
Alongside her favourite Lululemon manifesto
Boring but true:
“Don't trust that your old age pension will be sufficient” to carry you thru.

You will find her teaching schedule and financial wisdoms on her website.