Auckland North Shore : Takapuna

Kim Michalis

Yoga has been a sustaining force in Kim’s life. In the early days she noticed as she gained strength and stability on the mat, she became more grounded and confident off it. Inspired to share this with others she was soon on the path to becoming a yoga teacher.
Kim believes that our reserves of strength and compassion are replenished through yoga and strives to create an environment where others can connect with their inner power.

“I love teaching. I love the way yoga enhances people’s lives - simply being able to move more freely is liberating and is also the catalyst for increased confidence and wellbeing. That I am part of such a positive process is a real privilege for which I am deeply grateful.”

Kim qualified as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher in 2002, has spent time in India and continues to study with both local and international teachers in a range of styles. Kim’s classes on Devonport’s waterfront appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities. Her positive and encouraging approach along with detailed instructions and individual adjustments ensures that everyone gets the most out of their practice.

Kim is delighted to be an ambassador for lululemon athletica takpuna. “It’s wonderful to join such a stylish, vibrant and supportive community. Looking our best. Feeling our best. Being our best!”

Kim's Favorite...


Colour: Turqoise

Yoga Pose: Headstand - a fresh start anytime of the day!

lululemon Manifesto Quote: "This is not your practice life. This is all there is."

Item of lululemon clothing: Everything! But if I had to choose only 1 item, I'd go with Wunder Under Tights.