Auckland North Shore : Takapuna

Natalie Stettler

Likes to be called Nat.
Vintage – …”getting better with age”

Nat's Favorite...

Food: Hmmmm I love food!! I make a mean beetroot, carrot, cilantro, snap pea and almond salad… garden fresh veges,sprouts, seeds and nuts… lots of different colours & textures, tossed in a yummy vinaigrette would be among my favourites, though I also LOVE Swiss chocolate.

Colour: Blue/Green

Yoga Pose: I love the sequence…the flow of all the postures and the way they progress and accompany you through life…no favourites - I love them all, especially the ones that kick my butt!

Lululemon Manifesto Quote: "Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment…living in the moment could be the meaning of life"

Item Lululemon clothing: My very green scuba hoodie.

Place in NZ: Piha on a sunny day, but I haven’t been everywhere in NZ yet…!

Place in the world: The Swiss Alps

Saying: “The reason angels can fly, is because they take themselves lightly”

My Playlist Top 5...
Be Ok – Ingrid Michaelson
Sway – Bic Runga
The rest are a compilation chosen at whim by my 5 year old, which include Gangnam Style - PSY
Scream and Shout – feat Britney Spears
Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

My favourite clothes come from Lululemon of course!
By the end of the winter I will be able to run 10km in 55 minutes and be adequate at using my slow cooker.
Best thing about myself – I love my family, support my friends, adore what I do and find happiness in all of the above.
Something I am grateful for – my two beautiful girls.
Why I love yoga – it makes me humble and real.
If you come to my class you will – have fun, work hard, become stronger and more flexible in your body and your mind
Answer in 2 seconds or less:.

Flats or Heels – Jandals
Coffee or Tea – Coffee
Beach or Mountain – Too hard, next question please
Leather or Lace – Lace
Hot or Cold -Hot