Auckland North Shore : Takapuna

Selva Thankamani

Selva is well known as one of North Shore's/Auckland’s leading Personal Trainers and is also involved in his own group training business called GET FIT FAST®.
GET FIT FAST® is a group training company providing 6 week training programs to challenge all aspects of your health and fitness.

Selva along with personal trainer Mike Schofied, work together with other Trainers/Health Professionals, on the North Shore that share the same outlook on health and fitness. Each Trainer/Health Professional has an important role with GET FIT FAST® to help more people, improve their fitness and lifestyle choices.

Selva has studied many disciplines of personal and sports training, his knowledge diversity is apparent in his approach. Selva has the ability to use several different training techniques and is extremely knowledgeable. He takes the time to “care” about his clients, and they feel it, EVERY time! He is mindful of keeping each training experience helpful, challenging and FUN.

Selva has a particular passion for teaching boxing and kickboxing whether for fitness, competitive or corporate events. When you train with Selva it is always intense and fun. Laughter is always part of the session. Selva will ensure that every person is getting maximum benefit from their experience, at whatever level they may be at.

Variety is what keeps Selva’s training fresh and challenging for his clients – they love him.

“Don’t limit your Challenges, Challenge your Limits”- Challenge Your Body”

Selva’s Favorite...

Food: Paleo

Colour: Yellow

Exercise: Turkish Get Up

Yoga Pose: Downward Dog (first pose his 2 year old son, Lucas did)

lululemon item of clothing: Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve