Thousand Oaks : Promenade at Westlake

Nina Greenberg

Drenched Fitness

An avid athlete her whole life her whole life partaking in a multitude of sports, it wasn’t until she had her children, now in their 20’s, that Nina discovered her passion and talent for running. Excelling in long and middle distance races she soon found herself placing at the top of her age group and qualifying numerous times and running the coveted Boston Marathon. While rehabbing a surgically repaired knee, part of her therapy included sessions on a Spinning bike as well as swim workouts in the pool. At the suggestion of her orthopedist to get involved in the sport of triathlon, as a way to give her knee a break from all the impact of running, Nina suddenly found herself engaged in a sport that was completely out of her comfort zone, but was exciting and fun. Soon she found herself competing and excelling at the shorter distance races, not only winning her age group but placing top female overall at many races and earning her a national ranking of All American for several seasons.
It is Nina’s love of people, fitness and her natural ability to motivate that she sees as one of her greatest achievements. Connecting with people on an individual basis or in a group environment is something that she holds near to her heart and strives to do every day. Nothing is more rewarding to her than helping someone accomplish something they never thought they could do, whether it be running a 5k or a marathon, a triathlon, a pull-up for the first time or even finishing one of her classes. Being involved in her local community and connecting people and businesses that supports one another on many levels but especially, in body, mind and spirit is something she hopes to share with the lululemon Westlake Village community.
Nina holds a degree in sociology from the University of California at Los Angeles. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Certified Massage Practioner specializing in deep tissue and sports massage. She also holds certifications in Spinning and TRX Suspension Training.