Bridgeport Village

Krystyn Strother

ClubSport Oregon and Yoga Pearl

Krystyn is a certified yoga instructor, wellness + lifestyle counselor, as well as part-time cowgirl, hiker, camper, music maker, lover of outdoor activities, including but not limited to fireside shenanigans, pancake dinners and outdoor showering. She adores all things homemade, urban gardening, waffles, Scrabble, and tropical islands. Her appetite for yoga and adventure is infectious. Krystyn's path to yoga was not unlike many others'. She began practicing in 2002 as a way to get in better shape. At first the practice was strictly physical. She didn't get the whole chanting thing and had a strong aversion to the new agey side of yoga. The physical motions of her practice came to be second nature and then, one day, with nothing for her mind to really focus on she had an a-ha... Read the profile >>

Will Moroski

Firebrand Sports & 24 Hour Fitness

You’ve probably never met a Biomedical Engineer – UC Davis (BS), University of Oxford (MS) whose intelligence is complimented with such flair and talent on his artistic side. In addition to being an engineer, Will teaches Cycle and Pyrolates at Firebrand Sports as well as Cycle at 24 Hour Fitness in Portland, OR. To Will, fitness is a way of life not just something that you check off a list. He ran Cross Country and Track & Field at UC Davis, as well as rowed Crew, ran Cross Country, and played Soccer at the University of Oxford. On top of teaching Will works as a biomedical engineer for BIOTRONIK Inc, a manufacturer and distributor of pacemakers and defibrillators. On the side he also pursues his passion for art and does sports modeling for Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited. ... Read the profile >>