Toledo Showroom

Brent Divine

Yogaja Yoga

Brent has been practicing yoga since 2001 - he completed his first teacher training with Prajna Yoga in Sante Fe, NM in 2005, followed by YogaWorks Teacher Training in 2010 and Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in 2011. Brent has taught in Savannah, New York City, Chicago and Toledo. His classes are bold, challenging, and grounded in the yoga philosophy. Read the profile >>

Jeff Taylor

Dave's Performance Footgear

It’s safe to say that running is Jeff’s life. Calling Perrysburg, OH his home for 15 years, Jeff laces up his sneakers everyday for his personal run or to take on his role of Event Coordinator for Dave's Running. Working closely with local race directors and coaches, he sets up seasonal training groups, coaches local teams, and creates other rad running related events. Jeff not only directs the 50-plus person racing team at Dave’s he runs competitively as a member of the team. He regularly logs up to 50 miles a week. When he’s not leading runs, he’s establishing relationships with footwear vendors throughout the running industry. Jeff teaches free Good Form Running Clinics to beginners and experienced runners four times a month. He inspires and instills his knowledge... Read the profile >>

Maribeth Phibbs

Tonic Maumee

Mare is a yoga practitioner of over 10 years, receiving her first 200hr RYT in October of 2010, through one of the most respected Ashtanga training programs, It's Yoga in Sonoma, California. In September of 2013, she completed her second 200hr RYT with Power Yoga Chicago. As an eternal student, her quest to explore all forms of yoga continues and her practice is constantly changing and evolving. Stay tuned for some restorative classes on Tonic’s schedule in the very near future. Through her quest to deepen her personal practice, yoga became an essential part her everyday lifestyle, and has inspired her to spread this love of yoga to other eager beings. Her practice is rooted in ancient teachings built for the modern yogi. Her classes are a fusion of traditional Ashtanga... Read the profile >>

Marie Russel

It's Yoga International

Marie participated in her first yoga class at the It’s Yoga Studio in Columbus at the age of 21. Recovering from the first of two hip surgeries, she was attracted to the healing aspects of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Continuing her practice after graduating from Ohio State University, and briefly working in Washington, DC in International Public Policy and Columbus in the Ohio State Senate; she was inspired to travel to San Francisco to participate in the It's Yoga Teacher Training with Larry Schultz and Katie Cariffe in October of 2004. She fell in love with It's Yoga and with Larry (Founder of It’s Yoga), too. They married and taught together for seven years in San Francisco and internationally, until his passing in 2011. Along with Larry, Katie and all of the It's Yoga... Read the profile >>

Mitch Hidden

CrossFit Crowned

I was first introduced to CrossFit in November of 2008 during my freshman year of college at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. At the time, I was studying Business Administration and I had hopes of one day opening my own typical “globo gym” in my home town of Peoria, IL. However, a lot changed after I was introduced to CrossFit. As a former high school athlete, I quickly took to the competitive aspect of CrossFit style training and viewed CrossFit as my new sport. Upon completion of my freshman year in the college of business at the University of Illinois, I quickly changed majors to focus on this new found passion for exercise science. I was accepted into the college of Applied Health Sciences in the fall of 2009 and would major in Kinesiology. Around the time of... Read the profile >>