Perrysburg : Toledo Showroom

Jeff Taylor

It’s safe to say that running is Jeff’s life. Calling Perrysburg, OH his home for 15 years, Jeff laces up his sneakers everyday for his personal run or to take on his role of Event Coordinator for Dave's Running. Working closely with local race directors and coaches, he sets up seasonal training groups, coaches local teams, and creates other rad running related events.

Jeff not only directs the 50-plus person racing team at Dave’s he runs competitively as a member of the team. He regularly logs up to 50 miles a week. When he’s not leading runs, he’s establishing relationships with footwear vendors throughout the running industry. Jeff teaches free Good Form Running Clinics to beginners and experienced runners four times a month.

He inspires and instills his knowledge and passion for running to the young men of the Perrysburg High School cross-country team as their part-time head coach while assisting the entire track and field program year round. In his down time, he enjoys spending time with his three daughters, Jane, Chloe and Grace.